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The Valley Creek Restoration Plan presents restoration strategies and potential projects that can be implemented to enhance natural resources and improve angler use within the Valley Creek Watershed. This document serves as a primary source of guidance for the Valley Creek Trustee Council in administering Restoration Fund monies. Copies of this plan are available by writing to either of the Trustee Council representatives at the addresses provided or by downloading the report below.

1400 North Outer Line Drive
King of Prussia, PA 19406-1009
Chief, Environmental Services
450 Robinson Lane
Bellefonte, PA 16823-9620

Valley Creek Restoration Plan (PDF)

The goals of the Valley Creek Restoration Plan are: (1) to increase use directly by improving angler access to Valley Creek and (2) to increase use indirectly by enhancing the services the Valley Creek fishery provides to anglers by increasing the population of catchable fish, thereby increasing the value of the fishery to anglers and drawing more anglers back. The Trustee Council has identified five broad categories of projects that are most likely to achieve these goals: stormwater management, stream channel stabilization, establishment of greenways, increased public access, and brook trout restoration in Crabby Creek. Only projects within these categories will be considered for funding through the Valley Creek Trustee Council. Specific examples within each category are:

Stormwater Management
• Detention basin retrofits
• Infiltration on suitable sites
• Low-impact development

Stream Channel Stabilization
• Reconnect streams to floodplains
• Stabilize eroding banks
• Streambank plantings

Establishment of Greenways
• Land purchase for preservation
• Easements
• Establish riparian buffers

Increased Public Access
• Establish trails
• Friendly postings
• Create access points for anglers

Brook Trout Restoration in Crabby Creek
• Create in-stream trout habitat

A top down watershed approach has been identified as the preferred approach to project implementation. Therefore, projects proposed that fall within upper portions (headwaters or first order basins) of the watershed will be given preference over projects within the lower portions of the watershed (3rd order basins).

Projects submitted to the Valley Creek Trustee Council for funding must be consistent with the principles and strategies identified in the restoration plan. Questions related to the Valley Creek Restoration Plan and strategies or projects presented therein should be directed to Chuck Marshall, Restoration Coordinator at cgmarshall1@verizon.net.

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